Deliciously fresh pork.

Deliciously tender, high quality pork for an unheard-of price.

Purely natural, with no additives and 100% of Dutch origin.

At Harries Vlees we have a large assortment of pork.

One of the newer pork dishes like pulled pork is made of the procureur. A very popular product that nowadays falls in taste at both the catering industry and the BBQ-specialists.

The bacon! At Harries Vlees we have a large selection of the tastiest bacon. With or without the rind differs per province. The bacon from the pork’s belly is one of our best sellers.

Forgotten products. Artisan butchers use the pork from tip to toe. Older customers will know by now where to find our products. From Eisbein (the heel) to the cheek, at Harries Vlees you can truly get anything from the head to the tail.

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