Frequently asked questions

My package arrived

View the instruction video when you receive your first order here.


• Remove the items from the box and immediately place them in a freezer of refrigerator.

• Eating on the evening of your delivery? Let the meat thaw at room temperature.

• Open the vacuum packaging when the meat is thawed.

• Lactic acid forms on vacuum packaged meat. Cut open the packaging, pat the meat dry and let it air for about 30 minutes.

• If the meat still smells, then contact us.

How does the delivery work?

• Place your order online

• Next business day delivery; order and pay before 14:00 and your order will be delivered the next business day.

General shipping

• Shipping in The Netherlands

  • €7,95 For orders up to €50,-
  • €4,95 for orders of €50,-
  • Free shipping for orders above €100,-

• Shipping in Belgium.

  • € 9,50 For order up to € 50,-
  • € 8,- For orders up to € 100,-
  • € 4,95 For orders up to € 200,-
  • Free shipping for orders above € 200,-

How does the order process work?

At Harries Vlees we only work with fresh products. After the meat is processed it will be immediately deep frozen to ensure the preservation of optimal quality.

Step 1
Order your products.

Step 1.1
Select whether you want to pick up your order, or have it delivered to your home.

Step 1.2
Select your preferred moment of delivery.

Step 2
Your order is prepared. Because we only work with fresh products, the total price might differ. The price per kilo is of course the same.

Step 3
You will receive an invoice of your order. Check your order and use the payment link to complete the invoice.

Step 4
After the payment of the invoice, we will put together your order and make it ready for transportation.

Step 5

After paying you will receive a track and trace from our transportation partner at around 1 P.M.

Pay close attention!
Because we work with fresh products our stock is sometimes empty. Please be on time with your order. While supply lasts! We deliver it ourselves and the package will be sent to you deep frozen.