Who is Harrie?

Harrie is a meat-lover through and through. The work of a butcher has been taught to him from a young age. As a fourth generation butcher, with over twenty years of experience, Harrie has gotten a nose for quality. He would love to share that knowledge with you.


Harries Vlees

Harries Vlees (Literal translation: Harrie’s Meat) believes that knowing where your meat comes from is very important. That’s why we, here at Harries Vlees have immediate contact with our farmers. Harrie himself keeps a close watch over the entire process. That’s how he ensures that you get the best quality meat on your plate. At Harries Vlees you know exactly what you’re buying: Top quality. If you have any questions then feel free to mail, call or WhatsApp us. We always have someone ready for you.


Harries rose beef

Harrie’s young beef is known, thanks to it’s color, as rose beef. This beef is recognizable thanks to it’s soft taste and tender structure. Thanks to the low percentage of fat the rose beef is perfect for every meat-lover: young and old.

The artisan butcher with quality from own land

Harrie Wildeboer is an artisan butcher and meat-specialist from Drenthe. His meat is for sale online and will be delivered throughout The Netherlands for an always low price.

The most delicious rose beef-, chicken-, horse-, and pork- meat comes from The Netherlands.

Meat that should be enjoyed by everyone is available at Harries! That’s why we offer high quality for an affordable price.

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